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Infinity Capital Group, a specialty finance company located in Woodland Hills, California, has provided alternative financing options since 2006. It is certified as an investment advisor and licensed lender in the State of California.

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While each division of Infinity Capital Group serves a different clientele — small business, automobile buyers, healthcare providers and attorneys —their mission is the same: to provide outstanding funding alternatives to deserving consumers or businesses that might not be able to get it elsewhere. All our programs share a core principal that each of them deserves the opportunity to broaden their horizons with responsible lending

Our Companies

Making Small Businesses Bigger

Every small or medium sized business is unique, and each has it’s own path to success. But all of them have this in common: they need infusions of cash and capital — quickly, and often at times when it is most difficult to borrow.

Infinity Capital Funding has an answer. Our funding programs are flexible enough to fit the capabilities and needs of most small and medium sized companies, even ones with less than a year in business. From our micro-loans to our factoring and merchant cash advance programs, all our programs offer competitive rates and flexible repayment options, backed by the unparalleled service and advice of our seasoned advisors.

The result is that your business client can get the cash they need — from as little as 5k to as much as 250k to cover immediate operating costs, grow their inventory, or expand their services. We meet their needs even when they can’t qualify for a traditional bank loan, and usually within a week of their accepted application.

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A Different Kind of Auto Loan

101 Auto Funding specializes in helping car buyers navigate today’s stringent lending market. We work with customers with limited or imperfect credit history who need a car but have found it difficult or impossible to qualify for standard financing. We get them pre-approved for their loan, so they know exactly what they can spend before they shop — a very effective budgeting tool.

But non-prime lending doesn’t mean sub-par service. We offer our customers the fastest response times on loan applications. We maintain a large network of high quality, trustworthy dealerships so they can find the perfect car for them. And we streamline their loan experience with an online payment portal and a rich website full of helpful articles and resources.

It’s a frustrating position: your client needs a car and can afford to make the payments. But his or her credit score just won’t allow a dealership or traditional lender to offer financing. Now there’s a way you can still help your client get into the automobile he or she wants… with a simple introduction to us.

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Funding for Personal Injury Claims

In a perfect world, fair legal claims in personal injury cases would be settled quickly. People who need care would get it without delay; healthcare providers would be swiftly compensated for giving professional care. Unfortunately, in the real world personal injury claims are often the slowest of all legal cases to settle.

AHF works to smooth the flow of getting treatment to patients who are involved in a lengthy legal process by providing funding directly to their medical providers. AHF does this in one of two ways: 1) by factoring the medical bill of a service that has already been received; or 2) by pre-funding the medical provider even before the medical services have been performed. Either way, AHF becomes the lien holder and awaits settlement. Patients no longer have to wait for much needed medical care, and healthcare providers can be promptly compensated for the lifesaving work they do.

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